You Can Save People from Relying on the Black Organ Market

Kidney TransplantIn 1999, over 40,000 Americans spent months on the waiting list for a kidney. In 2009, the National Kidney Foundation reported a growth of nearly 83,000 in the list. That same year, only 16,500 people made a fresh start with their new kidney.

Because of the long line, the urgent need for a transplant, and the lack of money, some patients eventually gave up. Rather than wait for the hospital, they resorted to the cheapest and fastest way: the Black market.

Black markets Save Lives?

One of the most compelling reasons behind the need for the Black market is because there isn’t any other solution available. You can wait for your turn for a kidney transplant, but due to the long line, the new kidney might get to you too late.  Even if organizations maximized their procurement of organs, they still couldn’t meet the growing demand.

Potential kidney recipients are becoming more desperate. The Black market has then become the quickest way to receive a transplant and to get well immediately.

The Risk of Organ Infection

While the black market is abundant in resources, however, there’s no guarantee that the organs you get are safe. Since most of the transaction focuses on making more money, it’s likely that the organs did not pass proper screening.

Those who receive kidneys via transplant tourism are at risk of liver diseases and cases of Hepatitis B and C. Sometimes, they can also develop serious infections, especially if the kidney is not a match for the patient.

How You Can Make a Difference

You can save a kidney patient from risking his or her health in the black market. All you have to do is to simply donate. Your kidney? Not necessarily.

Kidney donations can come in different forms. For instance, you can approach a nearby car donation in Charlotte, NC and offer your secondhand car. Foundations sell these cars through bidding and use the money to fund lifesaving programs. The revenue from these sales serves a million Americans in need of a kidney, offering immediate solutions.

You can also donate your time by volunteering, to speed up the processes. While your effort doesn’t have a direct impact on the waiting line, it still makes a big difference in the lives of patients.

By donating, you reduce the number of patients depending on the black market. Your little efforts are worthwhile in saving patients from deadly consequences.