Types of Truck Bodies

a truck on the roadA particular set of truck bodies has become standardized and thus the most common in the industry. If they are suitable for your business, these body types are advised for, as they are very affordable.

However, some companies require custom-made truck bodies to suit their business. In that case, a standard body truck can be adjusted to fit your needs, or in case this is not practical, truck body manufacturers will ensure that you get a perfect one for your operations. That said, here are some truck body types worth considering.

Flatbed trucks

This category is made of chassis that has been fitted onto a platform body over which goods can be transported. The cargo loaded can be secured on the truck deck with sheets or ropes. These truck bodies are mostly preferred due to their flexibility as they can comfortably accommodate various types of cargo.

Box Bodies

Also referred to as pantec, these trucks are made of an extra rigid body that has solid sides. Ordinarily, they have roller shutters or solid rear opening doors that hinder sight access of the cargo being transported. This category is ideal for transporting cargo that needs security, or for product delivery in an urban setting.

Curtain Siders

These come with a fixed and roofed frame, which has a flexible curtain affixed on both sides of the truck frame. They are highly recommended for transporting pallets, which need protection from the weather elements. The curtain siding provides ease of access to the cargo for efficient and effective offloading and loading. However, they are not very secure thus should not be used for carrying sensitive products.

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Note that the more customised a truck body is, the more it will cost. However, the cost cannot be compared to the level of service and convenience that you will get from the body. In other cases, manufacturers can adjust a standard truck body to suit your needs, at the same time saving you money.