Traditional and Non-Traditional Property Investments

Property InvestmentsWhen it comes to real estate property, location is king. It determines the markup prices of properties. Thus, the term prime investment areas. If you wish to buy properties in those locations, you'll find the perfect one by tying it to your needs, according to an expert from Americas Housing Alliance, LLC​. Not to the physical location per se. 

While this method can limit your options, it provides you a clear picture of what you are about to get based on your preferences. It also offers an opportunity to draw alternative plans to curb some of the limitations. 

To illustrate, assume that you are eyeing single family homes in San Diego. As you search for locations, you'd realize that urban and downtown areas offer such units than rural areas. Your alternative: you can try finding in suburban areas if you are not that picky about neighborhoods. 

From there, you'll have to ask yourself this question: how do I want to invest in these rental properties? You can pay it full with cash, loans, co-financers, and other doable options for you.


If you decide to apply for a loan, consider your affiliations, credit score, and government housing programs. If you are a veteran, a navy, or USDA-affiliated, there are low down payment loans exclusively available for you. There are also FHA and PMI with their low down payment mortgage loans. Startups can also help buyers find and match willing lenders.


If you want to get rid of day-to-day duties of landlords and still earn from rental, there is a new form of property investment you can try. That is property management where a property manager, broker, or a company oversees management of single family homes and collect rental for a fee. Investors can either buy a property in a form of cash or share of stock. 

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Whether you go the traditional route or the alternative way, remember that you are making an investment here. As such, your portfolio must be diversified. So the option that real estate investment companies give for single family homes makes sense.