Three Simple Rules In Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Transmission

man drivingTaking care of your vehicle’s heavy-duty transmission is essential to ensure that it’ll last for several years. However, most car owners in cities like Tulsa, OK often misunderstand the basic transmission maintenance required to keep it working smoothly. So experts at HHH Transmission are a few ways on how to properly maintain your transmission and keep it running for years to come.

Replace the pan gasket

One of the first steps that you need to consider is replacing the pan gasket. You may find the gasket just around the rim of the transmission pan. According to Cars Direct, the transmission’s pan gasket can wear out over time, which can lead to transmission fluid leaks in the future. Once it happens, you may experience mechanical issues which may lead to risky driving conditions.

Removing any sludge

Dirt, grime, and fluid can build up over time. So you may want to remove any of the grime once you do your regular transmission maintenance. You should also include the gasket, transmission pan, and the sealing surface when you clean it up.

Change the transmission fluid

Your car’s transmission fluid can also deteriorate after quite some time. Unlike engine oil, transmission fluid acts as both hydraulic fluid and oil which helps your car when it comes to shifting gear and even lubricates the moving parts as well. Based on an article posted on Cars, you should regularly check the transmission level often especially when you use the car a lot. You’ll know if the transmission fluid needs replacement if it’s turning darker over time.

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Although properly maintaining your car’s transmission is great, it’s still highly recommended to with a licensed professional to do the job for you. You may want to work with a transmission repair specialist who knows a lot about maintaining your car’s transmission so you’ll have a guarantee that everything will turn out smoothly.

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