Things to Avoid When You Want to Quit Smoking

woman is smoking an e cigaretteDeciding to quit smoking is an important step towards a healthier life. Unfortunately, quitting the habit can be very challenging. Here are some things that smokers should avoid if they want to say goodbye to cigarettes for good:


Alcohol and tobacco often go hand in hand. Avoid putting yourself into social situations where you are tempted to drink alcohol since this could set off an urge to smoke. Time may come when you can drink without triggering an urge to smoke, but do not expect this to happen within the first few months of your efforts to ditch cigarettes.


Your urge to smoke is strongest in situations when you normally smoke such as at parties, bar, or when you sip coffee. Identify your trigger situations and come up with a plan so you can get through them without using tobacco.

Just one cigarette

There is no such thing as “just one cigarette” when it comes to smoking cessation. You can jeopardize your earlier efforts if you fall into the trap. You may end up finding yourself smoking again. Many smokers who want to quit use e-cigarettes in place of tobacco.

Stores of E cig franchises sell these products as aids to reduce or quit smoking. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), e-cigarettes may benefit adult smokers who are not pregnant provided that these completely replace nicotine and other tobacco products.

Neglecting Yourself

The transition period is the worst time to neglect yourself. You can weather nicotine withdrawal easier if you eat a well-balanced diet as your body needs healthy fuel to flush out the toxins in your body. Get plenty of rest and drink lots of water. Water is a good craving-buster.

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Quitting smoking can be very difficult but knowing what to do and what to avoid during this period can make things easier for you.