Thieves’ Target: How Burglars Pick Houses to Rob

burglar with crowbar breaking into a houseContrary to what most people think, burglars are not impulsive. You’ll find that they do what they do in calculating ways. Do you know where these steps begin? In picking a target. Here’s how burglars choose a house to ransack—and what you can do about it:

Unsecured House

Burglars know which houses have strong locks and which haven’t. The less secure your lock is, the easier it is for thieves to break into your property. Home security experts in Auckland recommend going for locks with hardened steel, an anti-drill pin and anti-bump resistance.

Do note, however, that burglars enter the windows, too. During summer, most home-owners forget to lock their windows, providing thieves with the easiest access to the house. So, don’t ever forget to secure these areas of your home when you leave or before you sleep.

Empty House

Often, burglars would stake out through a neighbourhood before they go into a house. They would take mental notes of who’s going out, at which houses, at what point in time. These would allow them to find a time window where people are away from their homes, leaving them with not just an unoccupied property but also fewer people in the neighbourhood that could alert authorities.

The simplest way you can deter burglars when you’re away from home? Barking dogs. There’s just too much risk in properties that have dogs: risk for injury and risk for alerting the people around.

Messy House

Unkempt properties give burglars two ideas: the house is a mess that the home-owners probably don’t care about having home security, and the house’s mess provide tools for the break-in. Here’s an elaboration of the latter: burglars use untrimmed bushes to hide, and at the same time, they use items left outside, say, a ladder to reach the second floor. So a tidy house doesn’t just offer aesthetic benefits. It could actually save you from potential robberies.

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Burglars are very smart in their strategies. Your strategy then? Outsmart them. Don’t be a target.