The Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Stadium Sales

Fans on stadium game

Fans on stadium gameThere are more than 200 stadiums across the United States. The top three are the Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan; the Beaver Stadium in State College, Pennsylvania; and the Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio.

People go to stadiums for reasons other than to watch sporting events. Some want to spend time with families others want to show support for their teams. Then there are professionals who want to network and socialize. If you operate a stadium, here are three ways on how to generate more sales:

Invest in venue improvements

There are a lot of improvements you can make to make your stadium better, especially if you have an old one. Consider investments such as easily-installed tiered seating for stadiums, giant high-definition video screens, touchscreen self-service kiosks, mobile Point-of-Service (POS) systems, high-speed cameras for gameday memories, and other cool technological upgrades.

Some stadiums also install GoPro video streaming that are becoming popular among sports teams. Update your stadium with these cool technologies and your patrons will enjoy their gamedays all the more.

Find a way to lower ticket prices

When people go to game days, they’re not just paying for ticket prices. They also pay for food, parking, souvenirs, and more. And rarely do people go to stadiums on their own, they always bring family and friends. So if you want more people in your stadium, negotiate with organizations to lower ticket prices to fill more seats.

Promote the cheerleaders as well

Don’t just promote the teams, consider putting the spotlight on cheerleaders as well. Remember that cheerleading is just as entertaining and competitive as any professional sport. So try focusing the spotlight on the cheer teams as well.

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People go to stadiums for entertainment, time with family, and to support their teams. You can make their experience even more enjoyable with improvements to your venue. In doing so, you also increase attendance and generate more sales.