The Buyer’s Checklist: When You’re in the Market for a Home

a couple talking to a real estate agent

a couple talking to a real estate agentAs a homebuyer, you need every bit of information to help you make the right choice. One way to make an informed decision is to check reputable sources for ratings and feedback. For example, you’ll want to read reviews on Lancaster New City if you’re considering a property in the Cavite development. Another way to make an informed choice is to have a list of amenities and features to compare against the home you’re thinking of buying.

Your Checklist

Master planned communities tend to have every amenity that caters to couples, families, and single professionals. A typical development would have the following:

A commercial center

A mall near the residential area would allow you to run your errands without having to drive far. You can buy groceries and takeout food for dinner. You can get the kids their necessities, from school supplies to clothes. And you can book a spa date when all the errands get to be too much.

A clubhouse

With a community clubhouse, you might not need to spend more for summer vacations. You and the kids simply walk or bike to the leisure spot for day or night swimming. But modern clubhouses don’t just feature your typical pool. They also have spacious halls, perfect for holding your family’s celebrations or any event.

A business park

The congestion in Manila creates traffic jams every single day. That is no longer a surprise but part of everyday life in the city. Fortunately, Master planned communities are so self-contained that they even have a zone for IT businesses. Instead of commuting to Manila for hours on end, residents can take less than an hour to reach their place of work.

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Other essential amenities include a transportation hub and a school.

A non-negotiable

One of the persistent recommendations for property buyers is this: location. When you have multiple options and can’t seem to decide, choose the one with the ideal location. Why is location crucial? It’s important because you can always renovate a bad property, but you can never fix a bad neighborhood.

A well-rounded community is a self-contained system where the parents work close to their home, the school is minutes away, and entertainment and sports facilities are accessible. With each amenity, you ensure a home that meets your lifestyle needs, making your property purchase a good choice.