No-Till: A New Way to Farm

Farming being done with heavy equipmentFarmers can now fully savor the fruits of their hard labor, thanks to improved seeding technology and more effective methods. Given this access to easier farming processes, farmers produce better yields from year to year.

Modern vs. conventional farming

For many years, farmers have prepared their lands for planting by tilling the soil. It has been determined, however, that this practice does more harm than good, as tilling the soil brings the rich organic matter to the surface where it is exposed to various elements.

Nowadays, a no-till farming approach, which makes use of John Deere drill parts and other similar equipment, ensures that the crops and plants get the rich minerals they need from the soil. Here are other ways modern farming differs from conventional farming.

Use of tractors

Modern farming relies heavily on tractors and other such equipment. You no longer need to devote a number of days to reap your harvest. With these equipment available for your use, it will only take you hours to do several tasks.

Use of fertilizers

Though conventional farmers refrain from using fertilizers, modern farming methods promote its use. This is to facilitate the growth of crops and exterminate insects that would otherwise be a detriment. Some experts say that the minimal use of fertilizers can be a great aid in farming. However, this remains to be a divided issue until the present time.

Proper storage

Improved business means that farmers such as yourself can now invest in proper storage and warehousing of stock. This leads to lower wastage and increased profit.

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There are other notable differences between these two farming methods, including efficiency and access to scientific data. With the use of the Internet, you can read up on the various ways you can farm more effectively. This can surely be a key in improving your farm’s overall productivity and profitability.