More Construction Jobs Open in the U.S.

construction workersIt seems U.S. President Trump has delivered when it comes to job growth. Tax cuts, deregulations, and government programs have led to the lowest unemployment rate since the Nixon era at 3.7 percent. The construction industry is scrambling to find skilled workers and wages are starting to get more competitive.

A Nationwide Phenomenon

PeopleReady notes that construction jobs are in demand all over the country. The states of Colorado, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, and Texas achieved record-high numbers when it comes to construction hiring. Florida experienced the most growth in construction hiring — employing an additional 70,700 people. Texas employed an additional 60,200, and California employed an additional 32,900.

All but three states have experienced a rise in construction hiring in the past year. Most states are still struggling to find additional skilled workers and craftsmen to meet the demands of the construction industry.

Higher Wages and Better Incentives​

The average wage of an American construction worker has surpassed $30 an hour — almost double what it was a few years back. Construction companies are providing additional incentives and bonuses to their workers in hopes of retaining their services. The pool of skilled workers has almost dried up, so most companies are doing what they can to attract new workers and keep those who are already in their workforce.

A Call for More Trained Workers​

Construction firms are imploring the government to increase funding for career and technical education programs. A career in construction pays exceedingly well, but more students are choosing to go to universities. Having a college degree does have a financial return — but you’re also being saddled with student loans. All the while, wages for skilled construction workers keep rising and exceeding most white-collar professions.

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There is a high demand for construction workers in almost every part of the country. Skilled workers are getting paid more and working in construction is becoming one of the most stable and lucrative career options.

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