Match the Maintenance Level You Want with the Right Hardwood Floor

Beautiful modern house with wooden door and flooringHardwood floors come in different types, wood species, and finishes that you may be confused with when you want to install hardwood flooring in your Utah home. To make things easier, you can look ahead to the Utah hardwood floor cleaning and maintenance that you want to have down the road.

Can you be comfortable with heavy maintenance for a long-lasting floor, or would you rather an affordable floor easily cleaned and maintained?

What maintenance level do you want?

How much maintenance you can put up with later on will determine the type, kind of wood, and finish your floor will have. Starting with the hardwood type, you will have to choose between solid wood and engineered wood.

Solid wood comes from a single piece of wood, while engineered wood is formed from different parts and even species of wood.

What is the right floor type?

When you want durability and can keep up with maintenance, you can go with solid wood that tends to warp because of quick moisture-absorption. To prevent warping though, you can refinish the floor over the years multiple times.

On the other hand, when you want little to no maintenance, in exchange for low durability, engineered wood will work for you.

What is the right wood species?

Now, when it comes to species of wood, hickory ranks the highest in durability, making the floor last for decades with proper maintenance. Maple and oak follow hickory in terms of strength as long as you maintain either of them well.

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You can easily stain oak in particular, which means you can remove any discoloration without the need for floor replacement.

What is the right finish?

Finally, in terms of finish, surface-sealed hardwood leads to easy cleaning and low maintenance, but you run the risk of seams between individual boards that dirt and grime can enter. On the other hand, penetrating seal finishes needs heavy upkeep.

You can match the maintenance level you want with the corresponding floor type, wood species, and finish to guarantee a lasting satisfaction over your hardwood flooring. When you choose correctly, you will still enjoy your hardwood floor a quarter century later.