It’s Not Just About the Leak: Other Roof Deterioration Signs for Your Safety

Roofing ServicesLeaks are often the first thing people think about when roofs are in a bad condition. But, according to metal roofing experts in Oklahoma, that’s not the only thing you should look at.

In fact, there are tons of other indicators you can already see without having to wait for the rainy season. Below are some helpful ways to determine if your roof already needs replacing.

The Shared Dilemma

Often, most homeowners don’t have a single clue about their roofs. So, it’s either there’s a water leak or not — and that’s just about all they know. But, a leak spot isn’t only about the tiny holes in a roof. When water enters the home, there’re usually several other reasons you’re not seeing.

Roof Durability

Most roofing experts agree that two decades of the original roof is more than enough to make it a hazard. Depending on the roof layer and allowance you have, its usability can be longer or shorter. If you’re transferring to a newly bought home, consider how many replacements it had before. Depending on the numbers, you would want to prioritize changing roofs before you move in.

Shingle Quality

Curled or crooked shingles are the definition of a bad roof. It indicates the overuse of the roof, and you’d want to replace them soon. When shingles lose strength, they become highly defective and dangerous. Ask a licensed contractor to assess your roof and how long it can last.

Valleys and Folds

A roof valley helps assist water away from your home by making a smooth waterway. So, if it looks folded or missing some parts, you have to replace it, or the whole roof may get damaged. At best, you’ll only have to fix the valleys without the need for a total roof replacement.

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Sunlight Passing

Of course, who doesn’t want to feel the sun on their faces, right? But, if the sunlight passes through your roof and into the ceiling, then it’s a bad sign. Imagine what else can pass through that hole if left unfixed.

Preventive maintenance work should always be a priority. As a homeowner, there’s no better way to protect your family other than making sure the roof above their heads is in a good condition.

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