Inclusion is the Benchmark of Livable Communities

Daughter smiling while the sister and mother helping out the communityIn the U.S. and other parts of the world, the value of a community or a residential area is gauged based on its livability. Besides land use, access to transportation, open spaces, and areas for recreation for various age groups, communities make sure they offer social engagement, health, as well as economic opportunities for residents.

How do you know if your community is truly livable? Brookfield Residential suggests that you look at the following features:


Designing and maintaining communities require more than adding a clubhouse and tennis courts. Sometimes, communities are retrofitted so residents can participate in various activities. This means offering something for everyone, so they can also have an engaged community life. According to urban planners, communities should offer residents access to exercise – biking, walking, swimming, tennis, or whatever space allows. Moreover, there should be health-related and entertainment facilities for children and the elderly.

Safety and Personal Security

In any residential area, safety and security are important considerations when buying or building homes. While gated communities with 24-hour guards add to the feeling of safety, residents must also be given an opportunity to be involved in securing the area they live in. Neighborhood watch programs and similar activities boost the residents’ commitment to their community and allow them to interact and cooperate with one another.

Council meetings or town hall gatherings are also important in making residents feel that they belong. These sessions involve members in decision-making processes or deliberations on matters that affect them. These include rules and regulations, land use, budget, and more. This makes community decisions a responsibility that is shared equally by members of the community.

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A livable community considers comfort, convenience, and a sense of belonging. It should prioritize the health, security, and safety of its members, as well as make life enjoyable for everyone.