How Important is Top of Mind Awareness to Your Brand?

Advertising in Australia

Advertising in AustraliaThe business landscape is changing quickly in tune with the innovations in technology and search engine algorithms. Potential customers and consumers make buying decisions every day based on what brand comes to mind. A certain brand may not be cheaper or better, but people consume them because they are top of mind.

How do you attain such awareness and become the recommended brand in your chosen niche?

Website Development

Web development companies like Voodoo Creative agree that a business improves brand recall and awareness when they have a well designed and responsive website. Your site is the first thing that most potential customers will see. This is the best time to make a good impression. Find the balance between style and substance to grab your target audience’s attention.

The navigation, placing of buttons and the photos you use will improve the conversion of visitors. The site needs to be simple but creatively made to make a good impression.


The way you convey your message to your intended audience will have an effect on their awareness and recall. The message you send to your audience must be consistent across different platforms. The more consistent your message is, the easier it is for your audience to remember it.

The value proposition you create for your business will mean the difference between keeping consumers loyal and for them to transfer to the competition.

Regular Communication

The value proposition, branding and website will lose their effectiveness if you fail to communicate to your audience regularly. Communication is a vital aspect of any advertising campaign; exposure through newsletters, email blasts, ranking in search engines, and even traditional forms such as print, TV and radio all enable you to maximise and raise awareness.

These strategies enable you to improve top-of-mind branding. They increase word-of-mouth advertising and the possibility of conversion.