Give Up Smoking with E-Cigarettes

a used cigarette pinned on a calendarCigarettes cause cancer and respiratory diseases and take years off the average lifespan. Due to the health risks, seven out of ten smokers would prefer not to smoke. For many of them, this is a difficult goal to achieve. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it can take as many as 11 attempts before a person can successfully quit smoking.

E-cigarettes can help people quit.

Research from the Medical University of South Carolina found that people who utilize e-cigarettes to give up smoking are likely to smoke less and have a greater chance of smoking cessation. When people moved from combustible cigarettes to an e-cigarette starter kit from providers like Green Smart Living, they smoked 37% fewer cigarettes and -needed fewer attempts to quit. Many smokers who tried e-cigarettes during the trial, later bought their own e-cigarettes and used them in the same manner as regular cigarettes but in smaller quantity. This shows that they are a useful tool to help people stop smoking. Those who wish to continue smoking or who relapse can reap the benefit of a reduced smoking habit.

Health Advantages of Switching to E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes contain far fewer chemicals than combustible cigarettes. They do not burn tobacco, making them safer. There are also no known health risks from passive vaping. It is thought to be relatively harmless to breathe in vapors. This is an essential advantage for families with children. Babies and children who live with smoking parents have a higher risk of SIDS, respiratory infections, asthma and even meningitis. E-cigarettes have few of these risks and only 1% of the cancer risk of traditional cigarettes.

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Smokers who are part of the 70% who want to give up can boost their chances of success with e-cigarettes, the smokeless, tobacco-free cigarettes that make quitting easier.

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