E-Commerce Graphic Fails No Designer Should Put in Their Portfolios

Graphic Design in MelbourneCreating graphic designs for e-commerce websites is a billion dollar industry. Internal graphics, banners, and ad designs are what completes any e-commerce website. These encourage prospects to browse further and look into a particular offer.

According to Voodoo Creative, a web design agency in Melbourne, designing an e-commerce website is not just about the aesthetics. While an ‘artist’ can indeed produce cool compositions and vectors, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to sell. Remember, the world is full of artists –penniless artists.

At the start of any project, a graphic designer should follow certain guidelines on what to do and what to avoid . Below are some graphic design fails and why they’re so bad:

Ads On Top of the Product List

It does make sense to place the ads first because the prospect can immediately see them. But, when you think about why the prospect visited the particular page first, it’s probably not because of the ads, right? To remedy this, relocate the ad somewhere after the rich content, in the middle or side-by-side. This encourages the prospect to learn more and ultimately trust the offerings betters.

Ad Graphics Within the Products

There’s nothing more annoying than recurrent ads. No matter how good a particular ad is, if the prospect finds it extremely annoying because of wrong frequency and placement, then they’re bound to leave. Place the ads where they can generate the most impact.

Typography Below the Product Graphics

While it makes sense to explain what a particular product is all about, placing ‘beautiful’ chunks of robotic texts below is a bad practice. If it can’t be helped, try to be as simplistic as possible to give the audience enough space to consider buying or even bookmarking the product for future purchase.

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Graphic design contributes business success. No matter how high quality the product is, if the presentation isn’t well-planned, it will not serve its purpose.