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Netscape and cyber dog are the web browser which is used by apple till 1997. Apple and Microsoft have come into 5-year agreement and later internet explorer was included in it. At that time Microsoft has released 3 major versions of Mac OS 8. Although Apple had continued Netscape navigator which was considered alternative to the users. Safari for PC At last Microsoft has released Mac OS edition of internet explorer which is especially for Mac. This is also included as a default browser with most of the Apple Mac machines.

Now after that Safari was launch by the Apple in 2003. Let’s go into the details of the different versions released till date:

Safari Download for Windows PC Free:

  • On January 7, 2003, Steve Jobs has announced that Apple had created its own web browser named as Safari at Macworld in San Francisco.
  • It is based on Apple WebKit which is rendering the KHTML and using an internal fork. At that day Apple has released the first version of Safari.
  • Then after till June, many numbers of beta versions have been released and finally, on June 23, 2003, fully developed Version 1.0 is released officially. It was available for separate download and is not coming as a default install a web browser.
  • At that time Internet Explorer is still the default browser for windows. So Safari was considered as an alternate web browser by the Apple.
  • Till 2006 Apple has released many versions of it and at last in 2007 many of the security features were included in Safari and it has become a strong competitor for IE.
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Safari for Android Download

  • Dave Hyatt who is the developer of Safari has documented his study only on fixing various bugs in Safari.
  • Then he has passed his study for the Acid2 test which is testing for various web standards that have been followed or not.
  • On April 27, 2005, his version has passed the test and has become the first browser in the world which has done such.
  • This version was given the official name as Version 2.0 for Safari for Android. Apple was claiming that this browser is 1.8 times faster compared to any other browser.
  • Till now Apple has not included the Acid2 bug fixes to this version. For this end users have to download the Weskit source code and run that on themselves.
  • It was a very hectic process and is not appreciated by the users so Apple has finally released version 2.0.2 in October 2005 with all the necessary modifications and pass Acid2 with the Safari browser.


During this time Apple has faced too much criticism from KHTML developers for the lack of access to various change logs. Finally, Apple has moved all the source code and bug changes to Apple has kept only GUI as its proprietary element.

In January 2006 Apple has released the final and latest version of Safari 2 which is very stable. The CPU usage and the version layout address are all the part of this update.

Safari 2 was remaining as a huge success to Apple and it was launched exclusively on Mac till 2012.

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