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Washington Union considers the audience’s voice as a vital part of our development. Our news staff strives to deliver news about marketing and business. Part of their daily work is to contribute to the company’s growth in any way they can.

One trustworthy source of feedback will always be our readers. As the recipients of our work, they can measure if our reporting and approach to reporting have been effective. Rest assured that we don’t go at our reporting with naught but our instincts. We have studied our ways, perfected it in a certain sense and used it in our work.

For journalists, their foremost responsibility is to tell the truth. There are things out there that need telling, and no one will do the telling but journalists. Each day, we send our reporters to different locations and let our online writers scour the Internet all day for notable news. We have time to spare to talk about how to take the company forward.

Nevertheless, we still depend on you, our readers, to give us your honest perspective towards our work. Whether it’s an opinion about an issue, suggestion, reaction or an inquiry, do not hesitate to contact us. Our support staff is always available to take calls and answer e-mail.

Your input is valuable to us. We are lucky that every day, there are concerned readers who can give us their undiluted impressions. It’s not much, but your feedback helps us provide better services as a whole. Either by mail or phone, feel free to express your thoughts. Washington Union is an organization run by people, and we’ll be damned if we stop listening to them.


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