Common Car Window Tinting Myths Busted

Man applying tinting foil on car window

Man applying tinting foil on car windowIf you are looking for cost-effective ways to upgrade your vehicle, window tinting should be at the top of your list. Unfortunately, many window tint misconceptions steer people away from its benefits. Here are four misguided myths that should not stop you from choosing quality auto window tinting in Arizona.

Auto Window Tint is Entirely for Aesthetic Purposes

Tinted windows can look cool, but the functional benefits of tint outweigh the cosmetic advantages. High-quality window film can block 99% of solar heat and UV rays. This prevents the interior of your vehicle from fading and protects your skin from the adverse effects of solar radiation.

Widow Tint Does Not Age Well

This is yet another misconception that is based on the belief that its effectiveness will decrease over time. Make sure you select a high-quality film and hire an expert to install the tint. That way, you are assured of its longevity.

Window Tinting Lowers a Car’s Resale Value

Unless your vehicle’s windows are low quality or you hire an unqualified person to do the job, window tinting will increase your car’s resale value. It prevents the dashboard from cracking and the upholstery from fading. Besides, you can always remove the film anytime.

Window Film Installation is a DIY Project

Although installing tint might appear to be a simple task that you can do yourself, but it is not the case. Window tinting is a skill that requires expertise. The installer should also have the necessary tools to do it, not mentioning the high level of precision that is needed. If not installed properly, window films look bubbly, faded and peel off quickly. Do not take chances; instead, hire a professional for the job.

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A wide variety of window tinting solutions are available. Contact an expert for help in selecting and installing the right one. Remember that these myths don’t count.