Can You Get By On a Student Budget Without Going Broke?

Keeping Up with Student BudgetHow do you get by on a limited budget?

It is a question college students often find themselves asking, as allowances, scholarship grants and cash from doting family members cannot seem to keep up with the high cost of living in New Zealand. Major urban areas such as Auckland host a generally more expensive lifestyle, which young students may find almost impossible to afford without going broke.

Can you really get by on a meagre budget as a student in New Zealand? How?

By Borrowing Money

Online loans can be your best friend in financially trying times. When a government loan is barely enough to cover your school fees, you can turn to personal loans to support your day-to-day expenses, at least for the time being.

Online loan providers are getting a bigger market share because they keep up with the borrower’s changing needs. Loan providers like Rapid Loans may also accommodate you if you need help paying your student loans.

A student like you would not want to waste time in long queues. You would rather get the transaction over with using a smartphone, and this is exactly what an online loan allows you to do. In addition, the debt you will pay is most likely a small amount, so there is less chance of sinking in it.

Unless, of course, you do not intend to pay at all.

By Working Jobs

Young people want to be self-sufficient, and working multiple jobs shows they can be. While doing so takes a toll on their health and grades, some Kiwi students claim they would rather work hard and afford a certain degree of financial stability than be afraid of not being able to pay off sudden expenses.

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A few adjustments to your class schedule can let you accommodate a part-time job or two. You may also try asking if you can take a job within the campus, so you can save up on transportation costs and study in between breaks.

By Joining Student Organisations

The assistance you need may just be within the school you are working to afford studying in. Joining organisations for students who are in a similar situation not only lets you make new friends; it also gives you reliable guides for living on a student budget.

Because they have been there and have done that, they can give you a few pointers, or even job referrals, to not go broke and break down as you work and study. Some organisations also offer jobs within the school, so all the more reason to join them.

You can get by on a meagre student budget, but not without hard work and practical habits. In the end, the money is not what keeps your finances afloat. It is you.