Building a Holistic, People-first Workplace

Employees having a meeting about building a holistic workplaceMillennials, born between the 1980s to 2000, make up more than 22 per cent of Singapore’s population and are a major driving force for change. Having grown up with virtually unlimited access to information due to improvements in communication technology, Millennials are demanding more from their workplaces.

Today, placing Millennial workers in an impressive building is hardly enough, as current trends point towards a complete work environment that integrates work with leisure. As mobile technology is now a ubiquitous element of the workplace, attracting and retaining young talent will require a fluid, holistic approach.

Some developers are already embracing this change. The launch of the Paya Lebar Quarter shows that it is possible to create a holistic work environment that is both effective and attractive to young professionals.

Paya Lebar offers a complete, almost self-contained ecosystem of residences, workplaces and leisure activities. It is easy to access, as it is just a few minutes away from the MRT.

A Fluid Approach

Modern offices no longer feature repetitive rows of cubicles and computers. Offices nowadays are open and dynamic, with a focus on collaborative spaces that inspire creativity. They incorporate open-plan floors, coupled with break rooms, conference rooms and well-lit, natural environments. Some offices may even feature rest or play areas, which give workers some time to rest and de-stress. These mixed-use environments are shown to enhance the well-being and performance of its occupants.

Accelerated Productivity

Though unchaining from the desk may seem counterproductive, it actually has the opposite effect. A people-first office, one that takes into account the changing needs of the workforce, is shown to accelerate productivity.

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Offices are now all about providing their workers with a holistic experience, where their health and well-being comes first. By incorporating this into your office spaces, you can be sure to attract and retain new talent, and increase overall work satisfaction.