Beyond Marine Engineers: The Different Types of Shipping Jobs

Man Working In A Cargo ShipA career in shipping would mean days and nights away from family, in the middle of the sea. But it would also mean a good career record, good benefits. Though it has its pros and cons, a job in shipping is one of the most sought-after career paths since job vacancies in the field have been introduced.

Various shipping jobs in Felixstowe are available for people from different fields and backgrounds. Yes, the shipping industry is not just about engineers and marine operators they are also for people with other knowledge and skills.

Cargo planners

As the job title suggests, cargo planners are the ones responsible for properly planning the location of the cargo in the ship to make sure that the ship is balanced while at the same time, the shipments are in good shape. Although their job might seem easy, cargo planners play a vital role in the security of the shipment and the safety of the people aboard.

Logistic professionals

They are the ones responsible for drafting the shipping schedules and making sure that everything will go according to plan. Should unforeseen circumstances happen, they ensure that shipping operations would be back to normal as soon as possible.

General crew

They are the ones you would see running around the ship. They are responsible for a wide array of work, from the cargo to the maintenance of the ship as well as navigation and general servicing of the machinery.


Stewards can be thought of as the mothers of the ship. They are responsible for making sure that everyone aboard is fit to work. Stewards are usually equipped with first aid training and work closely with the marine cook.

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Want to go aboard? With the wide varieties of careers available in the shipping industry, you will surely find one that is perfect for your chosen career path.