5 Installation Tips to Boost Home Security

Home security cameraThere’s nothing quite like the good feeling of knowing that your home is safe and secure from unknown threats. Here are some installation tips you should know about to keep your nights worry-free.

Garage Door Reinforcement

Studies show that garage doors are one of the most common ways intruders get into homes. Obriengarage.com recommends seeking repair services and have the gate reinforced to discourage even the most persistent housebreakers into entering your home.

Smoke Detectors and Fire Extinguisher

Smoke detectors and extinguishers are requirements in most homes, but only a few people keep them in places where they matter. Make sure your smoke detector is in a place where a fire is likely to start. They’re fairly cheap, so you can have several installed in your home. The same goes for a fire extinguisher.

Keep the Exterior Visible

Housebreakers don’t like it when the exterior of the home is well-lighted because this makes it easy for them to be seen. Discourage any attempt in housebreaking by the simple installation of lights in front of your home. You can save on the expense by installing solar-powered lights, as well.

Upgrade the Locks and Go Double

If you still have an old-school lock, you might want to upgrade that into something more difficult to jiggle. You can also double lock from the inside so that there are several barriers your housebreaker will have to go through.

Use Cameras

Even dummy cameras today can discourage third parties from entering your home. Fortunately, wireless connections are fairly cheap now so you can actually have a camera security system for real. You can even connect this with your mobile phone.

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Of course, those are just some methods you can use to make your home safer and more secure. Make sure everyone in the family knows the protocol in case of emergencies.