4 Tile Trends to Choose for Your New Home

Bathroom TilesWhen developing a new property, every homeowner wants to get everything right, right from the building materials and interior décor to the home accessories.

Besides using the right diamond tool and tiling supply, one of the ways to get your tiling options correct is to look at the current trends and find one that will best match the different design styles for the various rooms that you will use the tiles.

Currently, the top tile trends in the market include the following.

Similar Tile for Indoor and Outdoor Use

This trend involves using the same tile for your indoor home and outdoor living. The similarity in your tile use will create an illusion of a bigger house and offers seamless transitioning from your living space to the outdoors, and vice versa. This design is most appropriate for use when building conservatories.

Gloss and Matte Finishes

Both gloss and matte finishes add a soft and classy look to your home’s walls and floors. These surfaces will reveal different images from different viewing angles and positions in a room. These finishes are also helpful in hiding any mopping marks.

Patterned Tiles

These are among the tiles that the tiling industry has used for quite a long time. The patterns help with adding texture to your home. Whether you need to get floor or wall tiles, choose to pattern designs that will give a meaningful look to your space.


These speciality tiles are of natural materials, which helps enhance a rustic feel and warmth in your space. In combination with other materials, these tiles are also suitable for creating a contemporary or modern feel in your home.

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The tiles vary in size and thickness hence ideal for use in different applications.

Understanding the current tile trends will help you decide on the right tiles, diamond tools and other tiling products to use in your house. Remember it is your home; so, go for a trend that will suit your style and that you will love living with for an extended time.

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