4 things to consider when buying polycarbonate sheets

Canopy made of polycarbonatePolycarbonate sheets are becoming a staple in the modern building, whether it be residential or commercial. This is all because of its unique advantages in terms of use (particularly with the UK’s wild weather patterns), as well as the aesthetic considerations.

But before you browse through the glossy brochures of polycarbonate sheet suppliers in the UK, take time to consider four key aspects of this material.


What type of polycarbonate sheet do you need? A single-layer sheet is the most transparent and the less insulating. It transmits a great amount of light that providing warmth all year is its major purpose. A double-layer sheet, of course, improves on insulation and UV protection. There is just enough light and heat to make one feel more comfortable. Multiwall sheets consist of several layers of sheets. It is more costly than the first two, but it insulates best.


Thinner sheets are made for more humid or hotter locations while thicker sheets, i.e. multiwall, are made for colder climates. The higher insulation capacity of the latter is meant to save energy usage, e.g. lower winter heating costs. Single- and double-layer polycarbonates offer less insulation since their purpose is to keep more light in.

Protection from the sun

Ultra-violet radiation can be harmful. Even with the goal of letting more light in, either to save energy or utilise natural outdoor lighting conditions, the sun can still pose risks to the human skin during prolonged exposure. As such, polycarbonates serve a double-purpose as they are also engineered to protect the human skin.

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Polycarbonates come in many colours. Each colour corresponds to a set light transmission level: the more transparent the colour, the more light is let in, and, hence, more warmth. Darker tones offer a lower transmission level. Colour also adds value to the building’s facade. Choose colours that fit well with the shade of your building.

Polycarbonate sheets are perfect for taking advantage of the natural lighting available in your area. It not only serves to protect you from the elements but it also adds aesthetic value to the building.

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