4 Authentic Mexican Dishes You Shouldn’t Miss

Men cooking

Men cookingAside from its rich cultural heritage, Mexico is known to be home to some of the most delectable and flavorful dishes around the world. The country’s culinary tradition is an integral part of discovering more about their culture. Here are some of the most irresistible Mexican dishes you must never miss.


Quesadillas is a widely popular Mexican snack inside and outside the country. It is made of a nicely grilled tortilla (a type of thin and unleavened flatbread) which is filled with Oaxacan cheese and/or meat. The savory and greasy taste of this dish is what makes it popular. In fact, you’ll find this in the menu of most Mexican food restaurants in Alexandria, VA. It is best paired with wine or margarita.


Next on this delectable list is something you’re probably familiar with and it’s no other than the enchilada. This is made from tortilla only it is rolled, and it has more variety of filling inside. Authentic Mexican enchilada is often stuffed with meat (usually beef), cheese and is covered with tomato and chili sauce. It also goes perfectly with mole sauce (a traditional Mexican curry that contains chili pepper, nuts, fruits, and other spices). Unlike quesadillas, the tortillas are fried, not grilled.


Tamales is one of the staple Mexican delicacy pre-dated during the Aztec civilization. It is a dish made of corn-based masa or dough, which is cooked by steaming while wrapped in a cornhusk or banana leaf. Depending on its filling, tamales could be served as a savory breakfast meal or dessert snack. It could be stuffed with meat, seafood, cheese and other veggies or could be served with fruits, cinnamon or chocolate syrup.

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Last but definitely not the least is Mexico’s version of sandwiches, which is locally known as tortas. They use special oval-shaped buns (bolilos) and fill it with typical sandwich fillings such as ham, chicken, lettuce, tomato, avocado, etc. The only difference is tortas tend to be tastier due to the spices used in it. People who are always on the go would find this meal as the perfect food to try.

Discover Mexico’s culture in the most delicious way by trying some of their famous delicacies. Get to know the city most interestingly while keeping your stomach full.