3 Ways to Boost Employee Productivity and Comfort

Employee Giving an OK Sign

Employee Giving an OK signToday’s professional environments are rapidly changing, and the rise of home-based work proves one thing — employees want to feel comfortable at work. This is why it’s important to provide good working conditions, starting with the physical workspace. Enhance your office workspace with these three tips for a better office environment:

1. Furniture matches office dynamics

The vast array of choices for furniture has made it easier for employers to make their offices unique to their brand. One tip to style your office is to match it with the dynamics of your specific industry.

There is a difference in the office environment of those in the corporate setting and the creative field — matching the office look and feel can greatly boost productivity with the proper furniture. Playful colours and furniture pieces would enhance the creative vibe of a space, while elegant and stylish solid design would work well for corporate spaces.

2. Proper furniture ergonomics

Sitting for most of the day may seem comfortable, but it can actually strain the body if the chair and desk are not ergonomically proportioned to the user. Office workstations have evolved to tailor to different users, taking ergonomic functioning as a priority.

Thrive Global reported that there are many aspects of ergonomics that should be considered, including the height of the desk and chair, the level of the eyes in relation to the monitor, and the sitting posture of the employee.

3. The right lighting sets a productive mood

Employee comfort has taken new grounds, and regardless of the office environment, one key factor that needs to be considered is lighting. Given how employees are always in their office workstations for eight hours every day, it’s a necessary precaution to avoid impinging on their health and well-being. Instead of sticking with bright glares, try warmer office lights and shades for monitors to lessen eyestrain.

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Creating a comfortable environment for your employees is a good first step to letting them know that you have their well-being in mind. Provide them with a good working environment and productivity is sure to follow.