3 Reasons to Consider Downsizing for a Better Lifestyle

minimalist lifestyleDownsizing is a common move among older Australian couples. With children going to college and getting married, it gets more practical to live in a smaller home. Downsizing, however, is more than a change in residence. It’s a total transformation of a lifestyle. And that new lifestyle is something everyone, not only older couples, can benefit from. Here’s the kind of transformation you’ll see when you downsize:

Less Stress

There’s a great sense of relief in a downsized lifestyle. You get freed from the big mortgage payments strapped to your big house, you’re able to clean your space in under 20 minutes, and as a bonus, you can find items you’re looking for in the house fast. There’s just less stress in living simply.

So, if the upkeep and financial responsibility of your present home are the sources of your high stress levels recently, consider the house and land packages in Burnside, Victoria. Such options will provide you better control of your lifestyle.

Less Stuff

With a smaller space, you’re forced to keep stuff in the house at a minimum. So, you buy things more mindfully, the opposite of impulse buys. With you buying less frequently and more rationally, you get more money savings in the long run. The downsized lifestyle lets you be less consumerist. Thus putting your money on what’s important—family experiences, health, travels, etc.

Less Loneliness

Most Australians dream of having big houses and really work hard to achieve this. There’s nothing wrong with this, but sometimes, bigger yards also mean bigger distances from neighbours—a bigger risk for isolation and loneliness. In smaller homes, often in close-knit suburban communities, there are lots of opportunities to meet and connect meaningfully with neighbours. Plus, without big yards and big houses to clean all day long, people can spend a laid-back afternoon in the neighbour’s backyard over some nice barbecue.

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In downsizing, less is indeed more. So, is it time for you to embrace this lifestyle?