3 Old Yet Still Useful Ways of Landing a Job

People Lined Up For Job Application

People Lined Up For Job ApplicationIn today’s digital age, tech devices and the Internet are often used when searching and applying for jobs. While there’s nothing wrong with this—as proven by numerous jobseekers finding success with online methods—there are old job hunting techniques that are still worth trying. Here’s a look at three of them.

1. Employment firms

Employment firms are still effective in helping people find a job. They match the skills and background of job seekers with the job openings at the companies they have an arrangement with. A specific type of these firms is the temporary work agency, which places people to fill job positions on short-term contracts. Most employment firms like People Ready are paid by the hiring companies, so it’d be better for jobseekers to use one that wouldn’t charge them for placement fees.

2. Personal network

Still quite useful in helping people get a job are personal connections. A person’s network of friends, former colleagues, professors, and classmates, neighbors, and even family members can all be valuable sources of job leads. More than this, however, if the job openings are at the companies they work for, these connections can personally refer the jobseeker to their respective employers, increasing the job hunter’s chances of getting screened for job positions.

3. Walk-in applications

The practice of walking in or visiting the offices of companies to submit a résumé in person still helps people land a job. There’s something to be said for taking the time to personally hand in a résumé, especially if the job seeker has no idea whether there’s even a job opening at a company. This shows determination and commitment, and some employers will likewise see it this way. Additionally, such visits may even lead to impromptu screenings of jobseekers.

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When searching for work, job seekers should take advantage of technology as much as they can while also considering the old tried-and-true ways of finding a job.