3 Considerations in Hospital Construction Projects

Engineers talking to a client

Engineers talking to a clientEffective project management is a necessity for construction projects. It becomes challenging to exercise complete oversight when a client is already involved in another delicate undertaking. That is the case with hospitals that seek to erect a new building complex.

Selecting a construction company

For a long time, clients were required to deal with two separate companies for both the design and construction of their projects. Then, companies began offering design and build services for hospitals as a package, as displayed in A-Line Construction. That means that clients are no longer forced to coordinate with two companies during the construction process. Instead, a single construction company is trusted with the responsibility of managing the project to its completion.

Bed capacity

The intended bed capacity has an effect on both the design and resources required in completing the project. It is expected that the higher the intended bed capacity, the larger the expected building. That also translates to greater finances. A small hospital may only require a few beds to serve its patients and is likely involved in general treatment and minor surgeries. Large hospitals, on the other hand, have to provide sufficient beds, keeping in mind that some patients may remain admitted for months as new patients continue streaming in.

Services to be rendered

The services to be rendered has a bearing on the building design to be adopted. A small outpatient clinic may not require any special design unless for aesthetic purposes. However, a complete referral hospital may have to incorporate design needs for sections such as the emergency room, waiting area, theatres and patient wards. All those areas have to be considered when determining the floor design and size of each section.

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The success of a project is hinged on both the level of planning and the actual management tendered to a project. Through thorough prior planning, it is possible to identify expected challenges and address them accordingly while preparing for any unforeseen ones.

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