Refresh Your Public Speaking Knowledge with These Ideas

Public Speaking

Public SpeakingYou’ve been a part of the debate team during high school. You joined a speech club during college and participated in different events. With all your experience, you feel like you’re doing a good job as a public speaker. Why let that stop from growing?

As a speaker, you still need to improve your communication skills and apply new techniques to connect with your audience – especially if you are going to speak in front of a large crowd.

Here are some ideas that will refresh your public speaking knowledge:

Know Your Audience

Much like a writer who wants to publish a work and gain wide readership, a speaker would be doing the same – only verbally. The business motivational speaker of Montgomery Presents explains that it’s your responsibility to understand not only the subject of your presentation, but also your listeners.

Some people have a short attention span, which will only become even shorter if they do not appreciate your delivery on the subject. Imagine a group of bored college students forced to pay attention to a professor. By knowing your audience, you can tap their emotions and make them react to your speech.

Prepare before You Speak

For many academic speakers, having an astute knowledge and understanding of the subject is the very reason they were invited to speak in front of an audience. This is also true for lobbyists, actors, guests of honor, and keynote speakers.

Whatever topic you will be discussing, do not deviate from it excessively – should the moment call for an anecdote. Bring notes, so you will not forget the main points you will be discussing. Do not go beyond the time limit to avoid causing delays for the entire program.

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Be kind and patient with your audience if they ask questions or if they come up to you and have a small talk after your speech. An active and intelligent audience will be inquisitive and critical. Give them the opportunity to expand on your subject through their questions. They are your audience, not your yes- men.

Good public speaking is something that not everyone is born with. Some people work their way to becoming great speakers. It’s never too late to improve your skills.