Protecting Your Company’s Image this Christmas

Business Reputation person holding a smartphone on blurred cityscape backgroundPlenty of consumers spend more during the holidays. There are places to visit, people to see, and gifts to buy. Though they have the choice to go for extravagant gifts to fewer people or to buy in bulk for those random officemates, money is being spent.

You want that money to be a part of your sales, but not at the expense of your brand. Here’s how to protect your branding this Christmas:

Check the Advertised Price

Your products may be sold at different prices depending on the distributor. There are several things to be considered, such as rent and operating costs. You cannot control those things, but PriceManager shares that you can control the minimum advertised pricing policy so that authorized distributors will not sell your products at ridiculously low prices just to beat the competition.

Enforcing such a policy is important in keeping brand integrity.

Control Product Quality

As you try to fulfill the increase in demand that comes with the holiday rush, more products are coming out of your warehouses. This means machines may be overworked and people may not be as productive in their jobs just to reach the day’s quota. Check items randomly to make sure they are in accordance with the level of quality you promise to put out there. It may be just one faulty item, but it could be the one item that ruins your online image and keeps people from trusting you again.

Be More Active Online

There’s an expected increase in sales even after offering huge discounts, but there will also be an expected increase in inquiries and complaints. Your customer service department should be on top of these scenarios so that concerns will be addressed as quickly as possible. The longer you leave concerns unsolved, the higher the chance of complainants having negative feelings towards your brand.

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You want those holiday sales, but you should not sacrifice the image of your company for it. Keep everything streamlined and of good quality.