Online Classes: Bridging the Gap Between Disability and Education

Youn Woman Studying Online CourseEducation is a right and is not a privilege. However sadly, there are cases where access to high-quality education cannot be attained easily due to some factors such as financial hindrances and medical issues. Fortunately, the rise of the era of the internet marked easier access to education for children through online classes. 

What are Online Classes? 

There are different types of classes one can take online such as refresher courses, certificate courses, and distant learning courses. Over the years, however, education institutions such as The American Academy have seen the benefits of conducting online classes in the high school and even elementary levels. Such classes are held virtually usually with the use of recorded lectures, modules that can be accessed via the internet and through an online exam. 

Who benefits from them? 

Online classes help people who do not have the liberty to enroll and attend physical classes due to a variety of reasons. A sector that has benefited the most from this type of learning, aside from working students, are students suffering from chronic illnesses and the ones who have special needs

Why is it a Better Choice for Sick Students and those with Special Needs?

Online learning is a better choice for students with medical needs because of two reasons: convenience and flexibility. For someone suffering from a medical condition, attending regular school can be more of a burden than an experience. Studying at their own space can give students a more comfortable and convenient learning environment. Online learning follows a universal learning design which makes it more flexible for students to manage. This means the courses are presented in various formats (i.e. text or audio files etc.). Students also have the freedom to interact with fellow students online, usually through a chatroom or actual audio conversations.

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Through online courses, students regardless of health condition and status would have the chance and the access to quality education.