Office Design: Ways to Get the Most Out of a Small Space

office conference room

office conference roomFor employees to be productive, they need a workspace with suitable furniture—but just enough so as not feel crowded. This problem often arises when businesses buy office furniture based on uninformed decisions and with no regard to the limited office space.

The best way to avoid this is to have your furniture supplied by a London company that offers office interior design services as well. With help from the experts, you will not need to tear down walls to create more room or spend a fortune moving to a bigger place to accommodate your employees. Here are ways you can maximise limited office space via design.

Desk layout

Whether the desk is for you or any of your employees, desk design is of importance in a small space. A single large desk with drawers is not ideal. If you have several employees, always go for multi-desk layouts that can fit in a small office. For privacy, use a divider system. Also, store important documents electronically rather than in drawers.

Mobile furniture

Fortunately, the varieties of mobile office furniture have increased significantly, so you are bound to get some that will suit your office. Mobile desks, for example, have the benefit of being able to be moved to any part of the office, dependent on the existing needs. Furniture that can be collapsed can be easily stored away when not being utilised and in the case of rolling file cabinets, you can get them to where they are needed then.

Think vertically

For you to maximise a small office space, you need to use not only the floor space but also the vertical space efficiently. You would want to attach shelving systems to the walls for frequently used files and have wall hooks for your employees to hang their winter coats. If possible, use any point on top of an office desk for storage.

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Sometimes, you may not have the capacity to work in a corner office and have that great experience, but you can rely on experts in office interior design to get an arrangement that will give you an almost similar feeling. In the long run, your space is what you decide to make of it. Adopting the above strategies will not only save you money in terms of rent but will also enhance productivity.