Healthy and Hot: The Benefits of Peppers in Mexican Food

Delicious Mexican foodPeople from all over the world know and love Mexican dishes because they have many amazing characteristics. Of the many things they are famous for, the primary one is the fact that they have great flavors. There’s also their colorfulness, and of course, their nice textures.

All these should already make you want to head over to a local but authentic Mexican restaurant in Virginia. To make you crave for a Mexican dish even more, look at how the heat from such dish can benefit your health.

The Mexican food staple

You most likely have had your share of Mexican dishes, and you know that a common factor that many of them share is spiciness. This heat comes from the use of different peppers and spices, which also make the dishes look fabulous. For instance, there are the jalapenos, a must-have in salsas, but also present in many other recipes.

The disease-fighting heat

What you may not have known is that these peppers’ heat actually has powerful disease-fighting properties, thanks to their Capsaicin content. This substance is responsible for the heat or the “punch” that peppers and chilies pack. It has numerous health benefits, including lowering cholesterol and blood pressure levels. The American Association for Cancer and Research also reports the heat’s potential for preventing or treating prostate cancer.

Hotness and healthiness

Anyone who has tried jalapenos (or any other chilies used in Mexican food) knows that these fruits have the power to clean and clear nasal passages, as well as allow for easier breathing.

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The list goes on, and this is just for one of the staple ingredients in Mexican recipes. Imagine how healthier you can be when you enjoy all the benefits that the other healthy components of these dishes can bring.