Electricians Fall into These 3 Categories

Electric cordsIt makes sense that when your home’s electrical system blows up, you call an electrician. Even when your office has a power problem or when you want an electrical system installed in your new house, you call an electrician. The question then is should you just have one guy who does it all? Can one person do it all?

Clements Electric notes that there are different types of electricians in Fort Worth, Texas. Each one of them has different qualifications and specializations. Knowing who is who can save you a lot of time when the need arises. Below is a list of the various kinds of electricians.

Commercial Electrician

This type of electrician is trained to work in the commercial sector. If you are setting up a shopping mall, a warehouse or if your office has power problems, this is the right person for the job. Often, they work for private companies to undertake different projects at once.

This electrician can perform upgrades and repairs. They can troubleshoot generators, motors, transformers and so forth. They can install surveillance systems, fire detection systems, and even video wiring systems.

Construction Electrician

They work on newly built houses. They install the first wiring systems and institute power usage in the building, whether for lighting, air conditioning, alarm systems or other uses.

A construction electrician knows where wires should go. They can read and translate blueprints and even check for workability. They attach switches, outlets, fuse boxes, circuit breakers and so forth. They also check the system to remove any faults.

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Industrial Electrician

This craftsman is equipped to work in huge production facilities that use large machines and systems as well as Programmable logic centers (PLCs). A PLC is a digitized computer that automates industrial processes.

These electricians underwent training to read the schematics and interpret blueprints, to troubleshoot controls and so forth.

There are other types of electricians apart from the ones on this list. However, if you know these basic ones, you are likely to know which one to call depending on your need.