Aesthetics and Character Provided by Steel Connections

SteelAs time passes, people find more ways to design beautiful, complex architectural structures. The design and framework give the structure character, may it be residential or commercial. Whatever material you choose, it will give different impressions to the person looking from the outside.

Steel does not only provide support to your structure, but it also adds character. Don’t know where to start? Structural Consultants Incorporated suggests hiring a steel connection design service to help you with your project.

Why Use Steel

Steel offers a multitude of benefits that other materials may not. For one, it can withstand harsh weather conditions, hurricanes and earthquakes included. It can also take the shape of whatever you need it to be. Tough construction schedules wouldn’t be a problem, too.

Exposed Structural Steel – The Trend

Architecturally exposed steel connections seem to be a trend in architecture. Leaving it bare, with all its fastenings and manipulations – bolting, welding, and bending – exposed add character to the structure. It is visible in both residential and large-scale projects.

The factors that influence the design of exposed steel are form, fit, and finish. All three have significant influences on the design of the structure, each focusing on different aspects. There is an emphasis on the form of the steel used for this because it tackles the elements in design, which will also support the aesthetic intention. The success of the design depends on this.

For such projects, how the steel fits is another important thing to consider. One misalignment might cost you the whole structure. Accuracy, constructability, and the ease of fabrication are the factors that influence this.

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There are different finishes used for steel, and each has its own advantages. Each finish varies depending on its function, may it be for fire protection, weathering, or interior or exterior exposure.

There are different types of connections in the construction of exposed structural steel: bolted and welded connections. Bolted connections provide a more rugged aesthetic, which is suitable if you want to achieve the industrial look. Meanwhile, welded connections are more suitable if you are going for a clean appearance.

There are so many design possibilities with steel. For a structure to achieve the aesthetic and function it is meant to serve, there should be a lot of thought put into the design and preparation of materials before the project begins.