5 Steps to Getting Your Own Skateboard Business

Skateboard Company People often say that if you can find work that you enjoy, then you’ll never work a day in your life. They’re most probably talking about turning a hobby into a business. So if you’re thinking of turning your skateboarding passion into a full-fledged company, then you’re on your way to a job you’ll enjoy for life.

Handling a business is hard work and not many people have what it takes to start and run a company. But if you already know the ins and outs of its day-to-day operations, then you’re already on the first step of this one heck of a journey.

So how exactly do you start?

1. Your brand is who you are. Spend some time figuring that out. Who are you? What’s your message? This will shape your business’s future, so it’s better to get this deal done from the get go. Spend some time to do a little soul searching about what you want your business to be, but don’t spend too much time. Many start-up skateboard companies end up being stuck in this first step, so be careful.

2. Now that you know who you are, don’t get too excited and try to take over the whole world. One step at a time. Remember that. Contact a wood shop and make an initial order. 100 decks are more than enough. You’ll probably be giving away half of your first batch, anyway. Yes, you have to do this because promotions are the only way to break through this tough market.

3. Speaking of promotions, it might be best to expand into auxiliary services. If you’re a skateboard company, maybe it’s best to sell at skateparks. In fact, why not start your own. With the help of industry experts like OC Ramps, you can effectively plan out the skatepark design of your dreams. You might want to have those durable half pipes, quarter pipes, skate rails, and skate boxes. There are different ramp kits, which are easy to assemble and available for every skill level.

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4. Just because your hobby is now your job doesn’t mean it’s not work. Running a business takes time and commitment and if you think you can spend your days skating around, you’re in for a rude awakening. Figure out your work ethic and you’ll be set for life.

5. Not all businesses are destined for success. You want your company to make a name for its self and that’s great. But sometimes, it’s just not going to work out. So if that happens, don’t forget a parachute, a plan B to fall back on just in case this isn’t meant to be.

Starting your own skateboard company takes a lot of hard work but hey, if you do it correctly, all that hard work will pay off. Besides, it’s not going to be too hard. I mean, skating is already your passion, right?